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"It's in the doing that the idea comes"

"Tekpen is the official blog of Tektura Studio that features a series of architects thoughts, hand sketches, conceptual drawings, design opinions, architectural photography, various architectural & design essays that were done by Arch. Enricoy in his own small design studio as well as blog post of different inspiring quotes, interesting links and photos that inspire the Architects design intelligence" In addition this blog will frequently update its post for the latest works and current projects of Tektura Studio. A closer look to the architects drawing table

Tektura Studio
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Marriott Hotel - West Bay at night

Vertical Railings


Moving headlights

West Bay - top architecture

Islamic Relief - Underpass road
Marble cladding
"Waiting for Contractors Bid Meeting"
"Waiting for Contractors Bid Meeting"

"Sawa sawa"

"Slow, slow…"

Jaidah Square - facade
Architectural swatch board 02
Ongoing Downtown Central Station